What’s next after signing up?

July 3, 2018 at 1:12 am  | 

At IDG, we are dedicated to supporting our supporters – aka you.

Because experiMe™ is still in development, your early feedback helps determine where to focus our efforts. “Health” is a very broad subject, so we won’t be able to tackle everything in version 1. This information helps define our research plan, interest collaborators, and gives us an opportunity to build tools that will have an immediate impact for our community members.

What to expect after signing up:

  • Everyone will receive a confirmation email that your information was successfully submitted.
  • If you indicated an interest in beta testing, you will receive a separate follow up email from an IDG team member.
  • Receive an email when experiMe™ becomes available for download.
  • If you are interseted in receiving updates for the rare disease programs, please sign up via RaringtoGo!

Thanks in advance to our supporters – no matter why you’re here, your participation expedites better healthcare for us all.

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