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A History of Advancing Clinical Care

In-Depth Genomics has been founded by an expert in rare disease diagnostics. The founder, Plavi Mittal, established and led the Jain Foundation for 12 years, which focuses on a rare form of muscular dystrophy, LGMD2B. The Jain Foundation created a diagnostic program called LGMD-Diagnosis in collaboration with a consortium of other disease foundation. The Jain Foundation has brought the rare and understudied neuromuscular disease LGMD2B to the forefront of research, diagnosis and clinical development. During her time there Plavi created a unique research funding model established an in-house team of scientific experts as leaders in the field, who fund and coordinate research projects and established an ongoing clinical natural history study of 200 patients in 15 centers worldwide with a 95% retention rate.

The Jain Foundation also created an LGMD diagnosis program which reached thousands of patients across the nation. The program provided free genetic sequencing of a gene panel of 35 genes associated with diseases with with similar patterns of muscle weakness to screen for LGMD2B, which was the focus of the Jain Foundation.  2500 patients received testing and clinical report and all patients had access to genetic counselling and further guidance on their diagnosis through a network of advocacy partners.  The program reached a network of nearly 1000 clinicians and covered every state of the USA.

It is from the experience of this program that IDG was created with a vision to help more patients by providing the most thorough testing available - whole genome analysis.

IDG's value proposition


Robust Program

Our unique front end platform to reach patients and physicians creates a US wide platform that is accessible to all physicians and patients. This allows us to recruit patients and their family members quickly for diagnostic screening. We are collaborating with Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies to fund the diagnostic and counseling program that is free to the patient. Partnership with Perkin Elmer and their expert diagnostic and analytical team allows IDG to take advantage of the best price for high quality sequencing and analysis.


Expert advisory

Our physicians and research advisors have deep expertise in neurological disorders and genomics respectively. They are committed to IDG and have guided our vision and helped us develop our streamlined process. We will collaborate with teams at Stanford University to work on the genomic data we collect to gather insights to help new targets for drug development.


Whole genome and clinical data

IDGs is on a mission to create a rich data set through its genetic testing program. We are tactically choosing to utilize whole genome sequencing, rather than the more typical whole exome or panel testing methods to ensure depth of data.  This data, when paired with a physician reported through clinical report for each patient is valuable for not only raising the standard of patient care but also for drug development and discovery.


Physician network

We have proven our ability to provide a trustworthy and efficient system to a vast network of clinicians across the US.  This gives us a unique opportunity to work with clinicians to recruit the optimum patients for testing. We collaborate with a team of dedicated physicians to design our program so that it is as effective as possible. We know how to work with physicians to help them care for their patients.


Engaged Patient Community

The delivery of the clinical report is not the end of the interaction with the patient, in fact it is the beginning.  We have designed our consenting protocol so that all participants can be contacted post-report to engage in furthering research studies, and add to IDGs patient empowered patient community.  Our deep and pertinent educational resources will inspire a lasting relationship between patients and IDG. This community will enable us to quickly recruit relevant patients for specific studies in short order. Through our experience in the non-profit world we are supported by a vast group of advocacy and patient groups who want to help achieve IDG’s mission and offer their expertise to educate others. These groups inspire, motivate and help us to give patients the best possible experience.


Cost Effective Operations

It is central to our philosophy that we stretch each dollar as far as it can go so that we provide value to our collaborators, our investors and to as many patients as possible. Having run a non-profit for 12 years, Dr. Mittal brings with her a mindset of helping as many people as people by adhering to a conservative budget and always striving for the optimum but paying the minimum.  It is the only way we know how to run a successful operation.

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