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Genetic testing is a starting point for care

For many rare diseases genomic analysis can deliver a more precise and actionable diagnosis than traditional methods. In today's age of precision medicine, this uncovers the potential to benefit from emerging targeted therapies.

Knowing how unique patterns, or variants,  in a person's DNA  influence health leads to faster diagnosis and improved care. Already, dozens of relationships between DNA, or the genome, and health have revolutionized the way we think about, diagnose, and treat disease.

Combining these findings from tens of thousands of people allows us to unearth previously hidden insights to disease and treatment pathways.

The importance of genetic counseling and patient education

InDepth Genomics is on a mission to help people find the genetic answer to their symptoms from rare disease. We want to establish a high level of patient awareness by providing the most relevant and latest information. This will enable patients to gain insights into their genetic diagnosis, learn about treatment options and ongoing trials, as well as become active participants in cutting edge research.

We hope to offer all patients genetic counseling to interpret their genetic diagnosis, and offer guidance on treatment options, additional follow-up tests and family planning about their specific condition all by certified and trained genetic counselors.

We expect to empower our patient communities with increased know-how about their condition and its management, the confidence to have informed and productive discussions with physicians.

In-Depth Genomic's Advocacy Partners bring patients into the conversation on rare disease research. By working together we can overcome the major hurdle of patient diagnosis.

With genomic analysis, there is no longer a reason to spend 7+ years working to diagnose a rare condition. We can solve thousands of complicated diagnoses and direct patients towards their best care. Precision medicine has the power to revolutionize the diagnostic odyssey of rare diseases.

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