Individual differences color the narrative of health & disease.

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It's time to rethink how we measure health. experiMe™ helps manage your health and wellness within the context of your unique routine. Share your story and join the conversation about precision medicine. Click below to complete your early registration so you can be the first to know when the app is available.

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Your story is unique.

Have you noticed that everyone responds differently to lifestyle, diet, exercise, sun exposure, etc.? Has your experience with a disease been unique and hard to predict? By helping us understand the ways your genetics, lifestyle, and the world around you interacts with your health you support the trail-blazing efforts of our advisors and collaborators around the globe.

experiMe™ supports deep phenotyping

"Deep phenotyping" is the scientific term for a certain style of research. This type of research leverages statistics and big data management tools to make sense of large amounts of data. How much? Consider this: rather than focusing on one trial or set of experiements about a disease, a deep phenotyping researcher would want every detail about all the cases of that disease that have ever been reported. It's likey they would even want to know about other diseases with similar symptoms. The goal is to understand the full spectrum of health rather than a small sample.

experiMe™ is a mobile app developed by IDG to deliver a modern, personalized suite of wellness tracking tools. Differences in lifestyle, surroundings, and genetics all influence how we experience health and disease, and even how we respond to treatment. By combining lifestyle factors with health research, we can uncover an unprecedented level of detail that improves the way we diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases.

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All people who registed for Health Stories will recieve an email announcement when experiMe™ is available for download.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for experiMe™, please let us know by completing the experiMe™ registration.

Who should register?

Anyone! Everyone! – We all have goals for our health, and we all have experience problems achieving them. experiMe™ is personalized to reflect your own goals, so it’s intended for anyone interested in a new perspective on managing wellness.

Anyone interested in beta testing should apply via the registration button at the top of the page.

Patients with undiagnosed or rare disease are also encouraged to participate in the Raring to Go registry.
Please note that experiMe™ and Raring to Go are separate programs. Your participation in both is welcome and appreciated.


What’s next after signing up?

At IDG, we are dedicated to supporting our supporters – aka you.

Because experiMe™ is still in development, your early feedback helps determine where to focus our efforts. “Health” is a very broad subject, so we won’t be able to tackle everything in version 1. This information helps define our research plan, interest collaborators, and gives us an opportunity to build tools that will have an immediate impact for our community members.

What to expect after signing up:

  • Everyone will receive a confirmation email that your information was successfully submitted.
  • If you indicated an interest in beta testing, you will receive a separate follow up email from an IDG team member.
  • Receive an email when experiMe™ becomes available for download.
  • If you are interseted in receiving updates for the rare disease programs, please sign up via RaringtoGo!

Thanks in advance to our supporters – no matter why you’re here, your participation expedites better healthcare for us all.

What is “deep phenotyping”?

Deep phenotyping is the study of the full range of possibilities for a trait. This includes any changes in symptoms and health, and how they are impacted by lifestyle habits or environmental factors.

What is a “trait”? A trait is a defining, particular aspect of a person. A trait can be defined from many perspectives, ranging from molecular characteristics to physiology to behavior. In the context of medical research, this means “traits” are things like: results from a blood test, response to a medication, recovery time, frequency or severity of symptoms, mood, and many others.

Who sees my information?

We take your privacy seriously and never share personally identifying information with our research partners, clinical support team, or sponsors. Our team’s collective history in patient support and medical research guarantees that these standards are upheld at every program level. All team members are trained in HIPAA standards and procedures.

How will my information be used?

At this time your information will be used for internal process development and improvements. All data is anonymized and securely managed. No information will be used for research purposes without User consent.

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